Hardly a day goes by without a headline in the news about some crisis or the other in our world. Besides being just sensational, what these crises have in common is that they cause destruction where often thousands of people die, millions get hurt, incurring billions of dollars of damage.   These crises do not discriminate and are independent of geography, creed, or religion. We all profess to wish they didn’t happen, yet they keep happening and have been happening since the beginning of time.

We hope and pray that somehow someone will find a solution and stop this madness. And often, if not always,  those we count on to solve this crisis are often responsible for them.


Perhaps it is time we took responsibility for these crises and strive to find our own solution rather than rely on someone else.

If we are to solve this problem ourselves we MUST first understand the problem.  We must understand what crises are and what causes these crises.

It is said that ‘Money is the root of all evil’.   Truth be told, the real evil is oppression, which is simply; one group of people taking advantage of another group. 

And it is this oppression that lies beneath every crisis. Understand the  oppression and 

Money is just one of many instruments used for oppression. Another of 

You and I, we could have prevented many of these crises….

Yet we didn’t and perhaps couldn’t …….

Let us now change our mindset - that we can and will prevent these crises from happening and reduce the damage they inflict on humanity.

Once we adopt this mindset, we will realize that the solution is really so simple.  It is the implementation which is hard. …. 

People fight, and destroy when they have NOTHING, nothing to do – when they have a competitive mindset. If they have. are WORKING towards a common goal, they are not fighting. 

If we work together towards a common goal “Help Each Other Succeed In Our Respective Quests”, we are not fighting….We will have a collaborative mindset. 

Building our Lifebahn community is that common purpose towards which if we work together we may, just find the solution.

Let this blog be the constant reminder for us to stay on this common goal.