Founder’s Log 2024-01-301

Keeping in mind  the main objective of increasing the traffic on the portal.

Increasing the traffic requires:

  • Increasing the membership, which requires an incentive

  • Offering activities in which the members can engage in. Activities which are productive

  • Lifebahn community offers the most productive activity; Education.  Not just traditional education but GREAT - Globally Relevant Education and Training.  This education is provided in many different forms throughout the community

    • It is provides thru the blogs 

    • It is provided thru the GREAT Academy as GREAT continuum

    • It is provided as IT training and experience by becoming part of  the LifeBahn portal development team.  


Status Update 

  • Had a chat with Tauseef regarding monetizing the site –:

    • He showed me some sites which are being monetized as well, which suggests that he might be able to help us as well.  Especially as he is also using the blogs.  Chronicle for internal use only and the other for traffic.

    • He will look at the site and get back to us.

    • Meanwhile, based on his feedback , here are a few adjustments to our strategy:

      • Main home Page, make it a slide with a  – Simple Message – ( repeat this msg many different ways )

LifeBahn Community for a Better Life

  • Invite the user to become a community member ad choose from one of the following 

    • Regular Membership for free, just as it is being done now

    •  Enterprise membership to the commerce site for Selling ( LifeBahn SA). Current Enterprises include

      • GREAT ACADEMY - IB Support & Individual tutoring

      • LVM ( lifeBahn Value Mart )  ( this is where Tauseef might be able to help)

        • POITS

        • Paddles

        • T- shirts etc.  

  • Went thru the website and:

    • checked the Blogs— they are there and ANYBODY can see them., however only members should see the full blogs. .{Pappu —Did you use the ‘Blog’ widget — if so is it functioning properly?

    •  Tried to access edugreat. Got to the landing page – but nothing further – tried all three logins

    • My dashboard needs work .lets discuuss tomorrow.


ACTION ITEM to achieve this objective: 

  • Complete the Sign-in Proces, which includes sliding home pages.  The message is simply, Better life  thru the LIfeBahn Community. Lets just keep pounding this message until the user signs up as a visitor. Then show how will the community makes life Better for its members and then become a participating member, which leads to the members’landing page’.

  • Complete the Blogs with the two categories – Global Crisis, similar to ‘Huffington Post’ blog

  • Complete the Great Academy ‘continuum’ curriculum , similar to the IB one.

  • We agreed that we will work together daily between 3-5 Madrid time to speed up progress and to get into the habit of using our own lifeBahn dashboards.

Other community related events   

  • Completed the design of the DESIGN for promotional products, Padel, rackets & t-shirts

  • Sent the deposit for the renovation of the LPM (property management) enterprise.

  • The Weekly Twonhall meeting this week was quite productive:

    • We discussed and came up with a few possible solutions to the landing page problem and will be implemented on Monday by Dawood

    • Pappu’s Laptop issue seems to have been resolved and he is expected to be back on service on Monday and wi attempt to finish the BLOGs Implementation.

    • Francis is meeting with Carlos to continue the Renovation of #59, the test pilot project of LPM subsidiary.

    • JK initiated the creation of LifeBahn SA, the corporation under which LVM and LPM will function. More on the creation of LifeBahn Inc. in the next Blog.

    • JK to write the next post for ‘Global Crisis’ and build the bridge from it to the GREAT Continuum. 

    • JK – I have initiated  the 8-step  process for establishing and SA in Spain. The next date for Step 1 is Feb 8.  The second step is to establish a name , which I have decided to be LiofeBahn SA with subsidiaries, LGA and LPM. 

    • JK to build a financial model for one of the products.  


To Follow up from previous ToDo Lists

  • Complete the GREAT Academy site, 

Complete the LVM with the Padel and Pickleball rackets.

See you tomorrow.