Founder’s Log 2024-01-30

Keeping in mind  the main objective of increasing the traffic on the portal.

Increasing the traffic requires:

  • Increasing the membership, which requires an incentive

  • Offering activities in which the members can engage in. Activities which are Productive. 

  • Lifebahn community offers the most productive activity; Education.  Not just traditional education but GREAT - Globally Relevant Education and Training.  This education is provided in many different forms throughout the community

    • It is provided through blogs 

    • It is provided through the GREAT Academy as GREAT continuum

    • It is provided as IT training and experience by becoming part of the LifeBahn portal development team.  


ACTION ITEM to achieve this objective: 

  • Complete the Sign-in Process, which includes sliding home pages.  The message is simply, Better life thru the LIfeBahn Community. Let's just keep pounding this message until the user signs up as a visitor. Then show how will the community makes life Better for its members and then become a participating member, which leads to the members’landing page’.

  • Complete the Blogs with the two categories – Global Crisis, similar to ‘Huffington Post’ blog

  • Complete the Great Academy ‘continuum’ curriculum, similar to the IB one.

  • We agreed that we would work together daily between 3-5 Madrid time to speed up progress and to get into the habit of using our own lifeBahn dashboards.

Other community-related events   

  • Completed the design of the DESIGN for promotional products, Padel, rackets & t-shirts

  • Sent the deposit for the renovation of the LPM (property management) enterprise.

  • The Weekly Twonhall meeting this week was quite productive:

    • We discussed and came up with a few possible solutions to the landing page problem and will be implemented on Monday by Dawood

    • Pappu’s Laptop issue seems to have been resolved and he is expected to be back on service on Monday and wi attempt to finish the BLOGs Implementation.

    • Francis is meeting with Carlos to continue the Renovation of #59, the test pilot project of LPM subsidiary.

    • JK initiated the creation of LifeBahn SA, the corporation under which LVM and LPM will function. More on the creation of LifeBahn Inc. in the next Blog.

    • JK to write the next post for ‘Global Crisis’ and build the bridge from it to the GREAT Continuum. 

    • JK – I have initiated  the 8-step  process for establishing and SA in Spain. The next date for Step 1 is Feb 8.  The second step is to establish a name , which I have decided to be LiofeBahn SA with subsidiaries, LGA and LPM. 

    • JK to build a financial model for one of the products.  


To Follow up from previous ToDo Lists

  • Complete the GREAT Academy site, 

Complete the LVM with the Padel and Pickleball rackets.

See you tomorrow.