Welcome to your very own domain. 

This virtual domain consists of pages, both private and public. 

Private pages are your and only you have access to them. 

Public pages are those that you choose to share with others.

Every member gets a basic domain, with the address lifebahn.net/~~/YourName. You can customize and manage your eDomain using the instruction accessed thru this link.  But Explore your domain first.

Here are some suggestions, choose any of these or use your initiative: :

  • If you feel disadvantaged, join GREAT Academy & acquire Knowledge and Skills needed to succeed  and prosper 

  • Update your profile to build a resume and showcase your capabilities.

  • If you have IT caopabilities- join the Community IT team to develop the Portal as well as build IT products for the Community.  

  • If you have creative talents you can create products for the community.

To visit your Domain Just click on profile icon in right corner and click on Dashboard. Here will be your website you can modify and develop your on workspace.