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You don’t need to go to a University to prosper and have a great life.

You need GREAT Education to Prosper and have a good life.


Change Your Life

Life - the Pursuit of prosperity

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Life - the Pursuit of prosperity

What we humans have in common is our pursuit of Prosperity. Where we differ is in what we believe Prosperity is and how we go about achieving it.

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Secret path to prosperity


In my pursuit, which started in 1967 on a journey to England and continued on to the board rooms of Wall Street in the US, I believe I stumbled upon the secret path to prosperity. 


Achieving Prosperity


What l've learned over my lifetime is that Prosperity is quite easy to achieve.  Yet so many of us find it so elusive.  One moment we have it and the next moment it has gone. 


  • Finance Training

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Life Lessons and Education

  • Lifetime Access

  • General knowledge


  • Improve Your Finances

  • Get Better Health

  • Achieve Peace of Mind

  • Balance your work life with Family

  • Achieve more in Life


Joseph Khan - TED Talks

Happy Faces of Prosperous People

Whether you're seeking to improve productivity at work or to reach a personal milestone, The Tactical post  will help you get there.

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Proposed Law……..

‘Republican Lawmakers can be dangerous to your health’ 

While the congress and senate continue debating the gun control laws, perhaps there is a better law which might expedite gun control and save many children ….!!  

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Here is a link which shows the republican lawmakers who receive donations from the NRA.

Is it any wonder that many of these republicans oppose the Gun control laws.  ….…..It is simply about ‘making money from the sale of guns by them and about saving lives for us.  It is that simple!! Let's hope we can find it in ourselves to do the right thing for our kids and vote these bums out!!

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